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This free online recipe converter automatically converts the whole UK (British) recipe to US standard (American) measures with just one click. It converts UK Imperial measures to US measures: UK pints to US pints, UK fl oz to US fl oz, UK quarts to US quarts and UK gallons to US gallons. This converter also converts metric measures to US measures: metric cups to US cups, grams to US ounces and US cups, ml to US fluid ounces, liters to US quarts, kilograms to pounds, Celsius to Fahrenheits, gas mark to Fahrenheit, and cm and mm to inches. Common UK food terms are automatically replaced with their US counterparts.

UK Imperial to US conversion factors used:

1 UK pint to US pints: 568.261485/473.176473
1 UK fl oz to US fl oz: (1/0.035196)/(29.5735296)
1 UK quart to US quarts: 1.13652297/0.946352946
1 UK gallon to US gallon: 4.54609188/3.78541178

Metric to US conversion factors used:

1 metric cup in US cups: 1/0.94635
1 dl in US cups: 1/2.365882375
1 ml in US fl oz: 0.033814
1 gram in oz: 1/28.349523125
1 kg in pounds: 2.2046
1 cm in inches: 0.39370
1 mm in inches: 0.039370
1 liter in quarts: 1/0.946352956

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion equation where C = number in Celsius and F = number in Fahrenheits:

UK food terms to US

UK words are replaced with their US counterparts according to the following table:
full fat milk whole milk
semi-skimmed milk 2% milk
skimmed milk skim milk
medium egg large egg
minced meat tround meat
spring onion scallion
coriander cilantro
courgette zucchini
aubergine eggplant
haricot beans navy beans
silverbeet chard
chillis chili peppers
gherkin pickle
chips French fries
crisps chips
tomato sauce ketchup
red sauce ketchup
strong flour bread flour
plain flour all-purpose flour
self-raising flour self-rising flour
corn flour cornstarch
sultanas golden raisins
icing sugar powdered sugar
caster sugar superfine sugar
castor sugar superfine sugar
Bread and butter pudding bread pudding
Sponge pudding Steamed sponge pudding
jelly jello
biscuit cookie
scone biscuit
frying pan skillet
centimetre centimeter (about ⅓ inch)
decilitre deciliter (about ½ cup)
litre liter (about 1 quart)
favourite favorite
colour color

Words recognised for metric units:

metric cup: metric cup, metric cups, cup, cups
dl: dl, deciliter, deciliters, decilitre, decilitres, desiliter, desiliters, desilitre, desilitres
ml: ml, milliliter, milliliters, millilitre, millilitres, mililiter, mililiters, mililitre, mililitres
liter: liter, liters, litre, litres, L
gram: gram, grams, gm, gms, g, grammes, gramme
kilogram: kg, kilogram, kilograms, kilo, kilos, kilogramme, kilogrammes
cm: cm, centimeter, centimeters, centimetre, centimetres, sentimeter, sentimeters, sentimetre, sentimetres
mm: mm, millimeter, millimeters, millimetre, millimetres, milimeter, milimeters, milimetre, milimetres
Celsius: degree, degrees, °, º, ˚, ◦, Celsius, C

Gram to US cup conversion currently available for the following ingredients: (100 grams in cups)

agave syrup: ½ cup
almond meal: ¾ cup
almonds: ¾ cup
ground almonds: ¾ cup
almonds, slivered: ¾ cup
amaranth: ½ cup
banana, mashed: ⅓ cup
banana, dried: ¾ cup
banana, chips: 1 ½ cup
barley: ½ cup
brazil nuts: ¾ cup
bread flour: ¾ cup
breadcrumbs: ⅔ cup
broccoli flowerets: 1 ⅓ cup
brown rice flour: ¾ cup
buckwheat flour: ¾ cup
buckwheat, grain: ½ cup
butter, unsalted butter, melted butter, lightly salted butter: ½ cup
butternut, chopped: ½ cup
cacao nibs: ¾ cup
canned pumpkin puree: ½ cup
canned chickpeas: ½ cup
canned beans: ⅓ cup
caster sugar: ½ cup
cashew: ¾ cup
carrot, grated: 1 ½ cup
chia, chia seeds: ⅔ cup
chia, milled: ⅔ cup
chickpeas, dried; dried chickpeas: ½ cup
chocolate chips: ⅔ cup
chopped walnuts: ¾ cup
chopped pecans: ¾ cup
cashew nuts: ⅔ cup
cocoa, cocoa powder, unsweetened cocoa powder: ¾ cup
cocoa nibs: ¾ cup
coconut sugar: ¾ cup
confectioners sugar, confectioners' sugar, icing sugar, powdered sugar: ¾ cup
cornstarch, corn starch:¾ cup
cottage cheese: ½ cup
couscous: ½ cup
cream, whipping cream, heavy cream: ½ cup
cream cheese: ½ cup
creme fraiche: ½ cup
dates, pitted: ¾ cup
dates, Medjools: ⅔ cup
demerera sugar: ½ cup
desiccated coconut: 1 ¼ cup
dried apples: ¾ cup
flaked almonds: 1 ⅛ cup
flaked coconuts: 1 ⅓ cup
flour, all-purpose flour, all purpose flour, unbleached all-purpose flour, plain flour: ¾ cup
frozen peas: ¾ cup
greek yogurt: ½ cup
hazelnut: ¾ cup
honey, molasses, syrup, light corn syrup, corn syrup: ⅓ cup
jaggery: ¾ cup
kidney beans, red kidney beans: ½ cup
lentils, puy lentils, red lentils: ½ cup
light brown sugar: ⅔ cup
margarine: ½ cup
macadamia: ¾ cup
maple syrup: ⅓ cup
mascarpone: ½ cup
milled seeds: ¾ cup
millet, flakes: ¾ cup
milk, warm milk, whole milk: ⅓ cup
nutritional yeast: 2 ½ cup
nut butter: ⅓ cup
nuts, chopped; chopped nuts: ⅔ cup
nuts, ground: ¾ cup
oatmeal: ½ cup
oats: 1 ⅛ cup
packed brown sugar: ½ cup
parmesan (finely grated), grated Parmesan: 1 ¼ cup
pasta: ¾ cup
peanuts chopped: ⅔ cup
Philadelphia cream cheese: ½ cup
pistachio, pistachios: ¾ cup
pine nuts: ¾ cup
pumpkin seeds: ¾ cup
polenta (fine); polenta, fine: ¾ cup
poppy seeds: ⅔ cup
potato, mashed: ½ cup
pineapple, chopped: ⅔ cup
prunes: ½ cup
poppy seeds: ⅔ cup
pumpkin seeds: ¾ cup
quinoa, dry quinoa: ½ cup
raisins: ⅔ cup
raw sugar: ⅓ cup
rice, white rice: ½ cup
ricotta cheese: ⅓ cup
rolled oats: 1 ⅛ cup
sesame: ¾ cup
sliced almonds: 1 ¼ cup
slivered almonds: 1 ¼ cup
sour cream: ½ cup
stevia erylite: ½ cup
strawberries: ⅔ cup
sugar, white sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar, dark brown sugar, light sugar, golden sugar: ⅔ cup
superfine sugar: ½ cup
sultanas: ½ cup
sunflower seeds: ¾ cup
sweet potato, chopped: ⅔ cup
sweetened condensed milk: ⅓ cup
table salt: ⅓ cup
tomato paste: ½ cup
vegetable shortening: ½ cup
walnuts: ¾ cup
water, warm water, boiling water: ½ cup
white granulated sugar: ½ cup
wine, red wine, white wine: ½ cup
yeast: ⅔ cup
yogurt: ⅓ cup


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