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This free online recipe converter automatically converts the whole US standard (American) recipe to UK (British) measures with just one click. It converts US measures to UK Imperial measures: US pints to UK pints, US fl oz to UK fl oz, US quarts to UK quarts, US gallons to UK gallons and Fahrenheits to gas marks and Celsius. US cups are converted to UK cups. Common US food terms are automatically replaced with their UK counterparts.

US to UK conversion factors used:

1 US pint to UK pints: 473.176473/568.261485
1 US fl oz to UK fl oz: 29.5735296/(1/0.035196)
1 US quart to UK quarts: 0.946352946/1.13652297
1 US gallon to UK gallon: 3.78541178/4.54609188
1 US cup to UK cup: 236.588237/250
Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion equation where C = number in Celsius and F = number in Fahrenheits:

Fahrenheits are converted to gas marks by rounding to the nearest gas mark according to the following table:
Gas mark Fahrenheit
1⁄4 225°
1⁄2 250°
1 275°
2 300°
3 325°
4 350°
5 375°
6 400°
7 425°
8 450°
9 475°
10 520°

US food terms to UK

US words are replaced with their UK counterparts according to the following table:
skim milk skimmed milk
fat free milk skimmed milk
nonfat milk skimmed milk
2% milk semi-skimmed milk
large egg medium egg
ground meat minced meat
green onion spring onion
scallion spring onion
cilantro coriander
zucchini courgette
eggplant aubergine
garbanzo chickpea
navy beans haricot beans
bell peppers peppers
chili peppers chillis
hot peppers chillis
chiles chillis
pickle gherkin
bouillon cube stock cube
potato chips crisps
chips crisps
French fries chips
steak fries chips
fries chips
apple crisp apple crumble
catsup tomato ketchup
bread flour strong flour
self-rising flour self-raising flour
cornstarch corn flour
corn starch corn flour
golden raisins sultanas
powdered sugar icing sugar
confectioner's sugar icing sugar
superfine sugar caster sugar
bread pudding Bread and butter pudding
Steamed sponge pudding Sponge pudding
hard cider cider
jello jelly
biscuit scone
cookie biscuit
skillet frying pan
liter litre
meter metre
favorite favourite
colour color


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